Bosna Bank International (BBI) exceeds BAM 1.1 billion of corporate and retail deposits | Bosna Bank International

Bosna Bank International (BBI) exceeds BAM 1.1 billion of corporate and retail deposits


21 years since establishment of Bosna Bank International:
The trust shown by corporate and retail business segments is the basis for record business results

On October 19, 2000, 21 years ago, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Dubai Islamic Bank founded Bosna Bank International (BBI) d.d. Sarajevo. Today, Bosna Bank International (BBI) has become an acronym for development and investment, which records excellent business results in Bosnia and Herzegovina. BBI Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as of the third quarter of this year, it has achieved record business results.

"We are especially proud of the fact that we have increased the number of clients, expanded our branch network, provided additional employment and being the only bank operating in accordance with Islamic principles in BiH, recorded growth in corporate and retail business segments," said Ms. Emina Šišić, CEO of Bosna Bank International.

As of September 30, 2021 BBI has recorded growth in all business segments. Corporate and retail client's deposits have grown by 16.4 percent, reaching a record amount of BAM 1.1 billion.

"This increase in deposits is a sign of trust that corporate and retail entities have given to BBI. Apart from the domestic market, BBI, according to the latest report conducted every year by the consulting company SeeNews, has positioned itself among the top 100 largest banks in Southeast Europe. The ranking in the SEE TOP 100 biggest banks is the result of expert analyses based on official data from the central banks of Southeast European countries, national commercial registers, financial supervision commissions, banking associations, state and corporate websites and the business corporations", emphasised Ms. Šišić.

"At the end of Q3, BBI achieved an impressive growth of all business indicators. The bank's assets have increased by 9 percent compared to last year and reached the level of almost BAM 1.5 billion. BBI has strengthened its position in Bosnia and Herzegovina and embraced the way for further growth in its market segment.”, said the BBI’s newly appointed CEO, summarising the business results concluded with the third quarter of 2021.

Šišić furthermore added that stable and strong shareholders, with an extremely high capital adequacy ratio, as well as responsible business and investment activities related to the development of our country's economy, are what BBI’s clients recognised, and based on this decided to give its trust to Bosna Bank International.

During the Covid-19 pandemic period, the Bank resumed its healthy and organic growth, despite market stagnation. Although the Covid-19 pandemic almost halted all economic activities, BBI managed to open new branches and create new jobs, invest in the development of its own infrastructure and undeniably showed a lasting orientation to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its economy” said Ms. Šišić.

According to Šišić, the Bank continued to support the economy by offering new subsidised lines which enabled entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina to access financial resources at extremely favourable financing rates, with most cases at a rate of zero percent.

We are continuing to be at a service to the economy stakeholders and the wider community in all financial and investment matters. The development of the Bosnian economy remains a main priority for Bosna Bank International," concluded BBI’s CEO Emina Šišić.

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