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SHF 2019: B&H and Malaysian Companies signed MOU's worth 50 million


Two valuable contracts were signed between B&H and Malaysian companies immediately after the inauguration of the Sarajevo Halal Fair (SHF) 2019. Rusmir Hrvić, CEO of AS Group and Abd Aziz Bin Abd Rahim, CEO of Malaysian Perak Halal Corporation Sdn Bhd, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The signed memorandum stipulates that an initial investment contract of EUR 20 million will be signed within 60 days for the production of chicken and eggs at Agrokomerc plants. The intention is to make much larger investments in the next phase, which would create the preconditions for establishing one of the technologically most advanced companies in the food industry, working on the principles of halal production with products intended for the market of B&H, the region, the EU and the East.

The representatives of the companies have already carried out initial consultations, and with the signed Memorandum of Understanding, they pave the way for the next steps and commit themselves to start the realization of this MoU within the next 60 days. The importance of this investment is even greater given that the partner is one of the leading producers in Malaysia, which is a leader in the halal industry with extremely technologically advanced knowledge, which he plans to implement in this investment in BiH.

The second Memorandum of Understanding, worth $ 5 million, was signed by Enver Avdić, CEO of Bosnia-Herzegovina-based ESOF, and Kairul Azman, general manager of the Marybrown Malaysian company, a chain of 138 halal-certified fast food restaurants in Malaysia.