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Bosna Bank International on the promotion of SBF in Zvornik


In the presence of a large number of businessmen, a presentation of the jubilee 10th Sarajevo Business Forum was held in Zvornik.

In addition to promoting the Sarajevo Business Forum, the goal of this meeting is to identify profiles of business partners and investors in order to make new business partnerships with BBI VIP Business Club. These partnerships can ultimately lead to market development and provide new business opportunities for businessmen from Zvornik and beyond.

Muamer Salkić, acting director of the Retail division in the BBI bank in his introductory speech informed  present guests that preparations for the Sarajevo Business Forum are coming to their final stage, and was happy to share information on great interest of foreign investors for this upcoming event.

"There are only 33 days left until start of the Sarajevo Business Forum and the number of domestic and foreign participants is constantly increasing. Since this is the tenth Forum, I would like to point out that every year we have more and more successful stories that started at the SBF. Our goal is to include as many small businesses and local businessmen as possible this year, so they can build great promotion platform as well. The innovation of this year's Forum, besides the usual agenda of B2B meetings, is to organize targeted presentations that will enable particular smaller companies to present themselves to investors", said Mr,Salkić.

Zoran Stevanovic, the mayor of Zvornik, emphasized that Zvornik is one of the few cities where there has been an increase in the number of employed persons in recent years, and that the potential for growth and development is apparent.

"I want to invite all businessmen, who want to progress and develop in their businesses, to apply for this year's Sarajevo Business Forum. One of the greatest potential of the Forum is that it offers an excellent platform for businessmen to network and cooperate with each other, but also to expand horizons when it comes to business. Collaboration and exchange of information between businessmen can improve business, increase the number of employees, but also competitiveness beyond the borders of our country", said Mr. Stevanović.

Fahrudin Delibajrić, director of „Voćar Promet“ from Zvornik, talked about the economic potential in the area of Zvornik.

"Zvornik is a city that has great potential for economic development, as it has high-quality resources, both land and water, as well as human resources. Interests of foreign investors exist, but they expect stable and safe business conditions, and it is necessary to work on improving the business environment to attract more investors. Bosna Bank International is one of the first banks to support us, and in the meantime we have also received the support of one Austrian investor. I appreciate and support the work of BBI Bank, which aims to support local businessmen through their activities and connect them with investors", said Mr.Delibajric.

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