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Digital Revolution the Most important Topic of the SBF 2019, Second Day


Second day of SBF 2019, focused on digitization and digital revolution that was discussed as one of the main causes of the world changes and as the fastest growing industry in the world.

Introductory presentations were held by Deloiette and BH Telecom, which provided information based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution - the Digital Revolution.

Zoran Puljić, Director of Mozaik Foundation, in his introductory speech, noted that in the last three years in Bosnia and Herzegovina, significant changes have taken place in digitalization, which address all segments of life, emphasizing that many Bosnian businessmen have already begun with the digitization process of their businesses and this process needs to be even speeded up in order for to create more competitive domestic companies and have more development. „It is also necessary to work on business awareness and information programs and to provide them with the support they need for this transformation", Puljić said.

Lada Buševac, Senior Country Officer of International Finance Corporation (IFC) of World Bank Group, spoke about Bosnia's readiness for the digital revolution.

"Bosnia and Herzegovina is partly ready for a digital revolution, because there is no alternative. On the other hand, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not ready for the digital revolution, because it is by all standards that require a digital revolution, below the average in comparison to other countries in the world. Three preconditions for digital transformation are needed - regulation of legislation, IT infrastructure and digital awareness", said Buševac.

Ms. Ana Lucia Lind, Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Financial Engineering AG, said that the awareness of citizens is the most important step in the digital revolution, as this is the first industrial revolution that does not only change lifestyle, but also changes people.

"We must understand that artificial intelligence will never reach the level of human intelligence, and that we should use IT as a tool that will facilitate human lives rather than replace them. People are concerned that the digital revolution will reduce the need for labor force, but that will not and cannot be the case. Human labor is irreplaceable and by using new technologies the scope of work should be further increased as well as economic growth", said Lind.