"November 25" award presented in Srebrenica on B&H National Day | Bosna Bank International

"November 25" award presented in Srebrenica on B&H National Day


Bosna Bank International (BBI) is once again a proud partner of the award "25. November ".

The award ceremony was organized on the National Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Srebrenica. In 2021, the expert panel in the field of "Life Work" unanimously decided that the award should be conferred to the writer Mr. Ivan Kordic. The award for "Book of the Year",  was unanimously awarded to the writer Mr. Dragoslav Dedovic for the poetry book "Earth Under the Lampshade". The winner of the award in the category for young writer is Mr. Nermin Šehic for his work "Holy Lives of Coils".

"For two decades, BBI Bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been striving to support all capital projects aimed at affirming the positive economic, social and cultural values of our country. We intend to identify such projects and support it to be part of the positive trends in our society, as well build a bright future for generations to come, "said Ms. Emina Sisic, CEO of BBI Bank, emphasizing that BBI, with the aim of helping returnees in this part of the country, in 2014 opened a branch in city of Bratunac, which confirms its commitment to strengthen and develop Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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