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One card, new benefits


Innovation and development are the drivers of economic trends in the world. In order to meet the needs of clients and provide them with top quality service, Bosna Bank International (BBI) is continuously working on innovations that would facilitate the daily life of B&H citizens. The development team of BBI Bank has improved its BBI MasterCard® debit cards so that these cards, which are activated with the current account, can also be cards for purchase in installments.

“It is enough for the client to answer with "YES" (within an hour of the transaction) and the amount will be divided into installments. The client is obliged to pay 3% of the total amount spent per month. Of course, we take care of our clients' finances, so depending on the client's abilities, this amount of debt is limited separately for everyone, and the maximum debt is up to 5,000 KM ", explains Alma Šljivo, Head of Product Development Department at BBI Bank.

Activate new features of BBI MasterCard® debit cards in one of the branch offices of BBI bank throughout B&H, or if you do not have this card, open a current account in BBI bank and you will receive this unique card.

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