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Sarajevo Business Forum investment projects submission is open


Apply and present projects to investors from all over the world

Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) 2022, the leading business and investment conference in Southeast Europe (SEE), will be held on May 11th and 12th in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Registered participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Albania, have the opportunity to submit and present their projects and ideas to investors and business partners from all around the world.

“For the purpose of project submission, an online application is available on the SBF website to be completed in English and based on the data from the project Business Plan. It is also a requirement to enclose several images related to the project itself,” said the organizers of SBF. For this purpose, Bosna Bank International (BBI), as the organizer of SBF, created an online application form to be found on:  where all interested parties can submit their investment projects and ideas, and later schedule b2b meetings with potential investors during the Forum.

Projects for the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum 2022 can be nominated in the following industries: agriculture, metal, wood and textile industry, tourism and hospitality services, IT industry, digital economy, energy, infrastructure, construction and real estate, education, sports, culture, finance and others.

Individuals or companies, when applying with a project, should pay attention that the minimum value of the project is not less than EUR 100.000, as well as that that the project is genuine and feasible. In addition, it would be essential that project owners plan to attend the 11th SBF with a completed Business Plan in order to present it potential investors.

Additional information be given via e-mail in order to receive further advice and detailed instructions related to submission of the investment projects. The deadline for project submission is April 11, 2022.