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All winners of the SBF Start-Up Challenge presented


The focus of the third day of the Sarajevo Business Forum 2019 was on young people and their ideas. Aiming to promote entrepreneurship and positive values among youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosna Bank International d.d. in cooperation with TV Hayat and its partners, launched the SBF Start-Up Challenge project in 2019.

The purpose of the competition, intended for university teams and young companies, was to present their ideas and attract investors through the Sarajevo Business Forum 2019 to help them finalize this.

Amer Bukvić, CEO of BBI Bank and the creator of this competition at the beginning of the project presentation, welcomed all the participants and stressed the importance of the Start-Up Challenge.

"The aim of the competition was to provide the opportunity for young people who have business ideas to realize them and start their own business. All submitted projects are fantastic and innovative. Brilliant young minds with their ideas were present all three days in this year's Sarajevo Business Forum and they presented their ideas to investors," Bukvić said.

As a part of the SBF Start-Up Challenge project, six young entrepreneurs presented their projects: Bubamara, Robot Hand, Home Work, Žiža - Business Platform, Greens and Vehicle fleet.

The winner of the first round of the competition, Haris Salkić, presented his Start Up - HAS Robotics - Robotic Arms Production, as a part of the teaching process. "Yesterday, we talked about the fourth digital revolution and this is the first step for that. It is really important to have, in the teaching process, instruments to educate young people for jobs of the future," said Salkić, who thanked for this opportunity and stressed the importance of BBI Bank and TV Hayat .

The SBF Start-Up Challenge Fund Award, apart from direct financial support, includes marketing services, legal support as well as professional education.

With the same goal of promoting entrepreneurship and ideas of engaging young people in the business world this year, the Sarajevo Business Forum was supported by the Munja Business Challenge. This competition is specially designed for high school students and young people. Twelve teams of 208 young people from 70 high schools won their place in the final contest, held on the third day of the SBF, in which the jury chose the best business ideas. This year's winner is the team with the business idea of ​​the EBA - the SOS bracelet for the old and the weak, which will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Business Challenge of the Western Balkans in Budva.