Keen interest of Norwegian companies and BH. diaspora for energy projects in BiH | Bosna Bank International

Keen interest of Norwegian companies and BH. diaspora for energy projects in BiH


Leading investment conference in Southeast Europe presented in Oslo

Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) 2022, the leading investment conference in Southeast Europe, was presented and promoted in Oslo, Norway. The presentation of SBF was organized by Bosna Bank International (BBI) in cooperation with the Embassy of BiH in Norway, the Norwegian-Bosnian Chamber of Commerce, the Islamic Community in Oslo, as well as with the support of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to B&H H.E. Olav Reinertsen and the Norwegian-Bosnian Business Association (NBBA).

“BBI through its BBI VIP Business Club is continuously working on connecting businesses and opening new markets for Bosnian companies. Every year, investors from all over the world come to the Sarajevo Business Forum - from America to Malaysia. The promotion in Oslo attracted a lot of attention from Norwegian businesses and B&H diaspora which had established successful ventures in Norway related to various economic activities. Bosnia and Herzegovina is presented as one of the most dynamic countries in the world, which is becoming an increasingly popular place for investment and business. In Norway, we presented the Sarajevo Business Forum and the potentials of our country through two business associations. Norway has the best production technologies for energy, and they have announced large investments in the energy sector in B&H. In addition to energy, interest was expressed in partnerships in the metal and wood sectors, as well as boost in business cooperation between Norwegian and Bosnian entrepreneurs. We expect our entrepreneurs to prepare projects for joint investments", said Azra Čolić, head of BBI VIP Business Club.

Meetings in Norway were also attended by representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Foreign Investments Promotion Agency (FIPA), as well as the Ambassador of B&H to the Kingdom of Norway H.E. Bakir Sadović. Meetings were held with the executives of the Agency "Innovation Norway" (institution of the Government of Norway for innovation and development of companies and industry), as well as with representatives of Greenstat, a company engaged in renewable energy production - hydrogen, solar and wind-based energy.

On this occasion, meetings were held with representatives of the Norwegian-Bosnian Chamber of Commerce led by President Mujo Hamzić, and the President of the NBBA Norwegian-Bosnian Business Association Jan Olsson.

Online registration of participants, project applications and nominations for Sarajevo Business Bridge Awardsa are open and available online at: