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Bosna Bank International (BBI)

Bosna Bank International (BBI) d.d. Sarajevo offers several types of financial services to retail and corporate clients. Its business is based on ethical principles, partnership and justice. The bank prides itself on reliability and top-quality service for clients.

BBI is the first bank, both in BiH and Southeast Europe, to operate in accordance with Islamic finance principles. It began operations on 19th October 2000 in its Sarajevo headquarters. It is focused on the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and invests all profits in the country.

Shari’ah Compliance is ensured by the BBI Shari\'ah Board. Members of this board are prestigious local and international experts.

Founders of BBI Bank are the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), with an ownership share of 45,46%; Dubai Islamic Bank, with the share of 27,27%; and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, with the share of 27,27%. IsDB is owned by 57 countries that comprise members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC); the bank has been AAA-rated by the world’s leading rating agencies for the last 13 years. A triple-A rating is given only to the best and safest financial institutions.

BBI Bank's assets increased from KM 144 million in 2006 to KM 1.49 billion by the end of 2021. This represents an average annual growth of 69%, which ranks the Bank among the fastest organically growing banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.This growth has resulted in 33 branches in Bosnia and Herzegovina and more than 200 ATMs within BH ATM network. The Bank is ranked third in BiH for its number of ATMs.

Since 2010, BBI Bank have organized the Sarajevo Business Forum, an international investment conference which has gained a global reputation and prestige. This has helped position Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region as an important investment destination.