Account opening | Bosna Bank International

BBI Bank is offering services of transaction and foreign-currency account opening for corporate clients under a quick and simplified procedure. These accounts will enable utilization of the entire payment transaction service, as well as for payment in the country and abroad.

By opening a transaction and foreign-currency account, you have the possibility of:

  • Payment and collection in internal and international payment transactions
  • Payment through eBBI/mBBI, with application of contemporary and safe technology
  • Access to current balance on your business account
  • Utilization of our consulting services

Types of transaction accounts that can be opened:

  • Regular accounts for performance of registered activity
  • Main account for performance of registered activity
  • Accounts of organizational units of a business entity
  • Special-purpose accounts
  • Public income accounts
  • Other accounts in accordance with valid regulations

Application Forms for opening of a transaction account are available at the following links:

Apply online in less than 1 minute!