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Local payment transactions

In the segment of local payment transactions, BBI Bank offers the following to its clients:

  • We receive internal payment orders during each working day within working hours of the Bank's organizational units
  • We approve transaction account for all received payments during the day
  • We perform all received orders during the banking day up to the amount of security by accounts
  • We record payments to the account immediately upon inflow
  • We enable disposal with the inflow on the same banking day when the inflow was performed
  • We enable acceptance of salary deposit in favour of transaction accounts opened in other organizational units of the Bank at all organizational units, based on approved client's request
  • We submit statements with data on previous account balance, detailed review of single daily inflows and outflows from account and final and available balance for that day



Orders are received and performed during every working day in favour of the Bank's clients, within working hours of the Bank's organizational units.

Payment orders submitted following the aforementioned deadline will be performed on the next working day.

Orders of electronic and mobile banking can be submitted at any moment, regardless of working hours.

Service prices are defined with valid Tariff of fees for corporate clients of the Bank. The Bank will hold the right to change the Tariff for risk or complex transactions.

Payment orders are performed on the same day when the Bank received them, as follows:

until 14:00 for payments through giro clearing system until 15:00 for payments through RTGS