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Financial management services

BBI Bank is offering financial management and investment intermediation services for companies from the South Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Indochina. Moreover, we offer investment-consulting services for companies and investors. We develop partnership between investors and companies requiring investments, with a win-win outcome, by maximizing benefit for both parties.

M&A consulting

  • Connecting with other companies corresponding to corporate values, goals and criteria of your company
  • Purchasing companies from selected foreign investors

Appraisal of the company's value enables deep understanding of the perspective and values of their company.

Recapitalization enables inflow of the fresh capital for new investments.

Company's restructuring for the purpose of increasing business efficiency.

Consulting of corporate clients in the area of

  • Sources and structure of funds
  • Disinvestments
  • Profitability increase
  • Advanced business
  • Finding of strategic partners

Our goal is to connect companies and project holders with investors, providing financial support and thus creating such a positive impact on the society and the Economy. We help companies coming from BiH to acquire fresh capital and new markets, by providing support of global institutional investors, resulting in strong long-term results in the economy development.

You can rely on the expertise of our team who would understand the situation and goals of your company and offer the best possible solution. Please complete the Online Questionnaire.


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