11th Sarajevo Business Forum officially announced at "The Economist" conference in Sarajevo | Bosna Bank International

11th Sarajevo Business Forum officially announced at "The Economist" conference in Sarajevo


Mr. Nedžad Gušić, Management Board member of Bosna Bank International for Corporate Banking and Investments, announced at “The Economist: World in 2022” conference in Sarajevo that the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) will be held on May 11 and 12, 2022. Speaking at the “Money never sleeps: New opportunities and challenges for the economies of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the SEE region” panel Mr. Gusic pointed out that BBI will actively promote B&H as an attractive nearshoring destination for multinational European companies.

“Disruptions in the supply chain in many segments of production, as well as available energy sources, created pressure on energy prices and slowed down the path of the final product to the customer. This is the main challenge in the future and will have a significant impact on world economic developments. Many European companies today are considering to relocate their production back to Europe, to geographically closer destinations. Through the concept of nearshoring, Bosnia and Herzegovina is looking for its chance to attract foreign investment, and in this process all participants can benefit.” said Gušić, adding that by transferring production to B&H, companies from the European Union can minimize the risk of disruption in supply chain.

“In addition to the traditional investors and participators from the GCC and the rest of Asia, we will invite European multinational companies to the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum to create new business agreements with domestic businesses, establish joint venture cooperation, open new factories in our country or increase production of the capacities of the current factories”, Gušić concluded.