Mr. Amer Bukvic winner of the British "Inspiring Humanitarian Award" | Bosna Bank International

Mr. Amer Bukvic winner of the British "Inspiring Humanitarian Award"


Amer Bukvic, CEO of Bosna Bank International (BBI), is the recipient of the Inspiring Humanitarian Award from the World Humanitarian Drive (WHD), an international NGO operating in 12 countries and based in London, UK.

The award is given to prominent individuals from around the world who, by fulfilling their moral obligation and going an extra mile in their responsibilities, have contributed to the changes that lead to a better and more humane society. WHD rewards their work in the service of humanity.

As the winner of the award, Bukvic was a guest on WHD Media's online show "Inspiring Millions with Viva O'Flynn" where he presented assessments of the economic situation during and after the pandemic, what is necessary for people in times of crisis, why it is important to embrace optimism and have capable leaders to lead other leaders.

In addition, Mr. Bukvic has revealed how BBI Bank has become the fastest growing bank in the B&H market, why B&H is one of the most beautiful countries and how it's multiculturalism has played an important role in country's development through the history.

You can watch the entire presentation and guest talk of Mr. Amer Bukvic in "Inspiring Millions with Viva O'Flynn" at the link below