Amer Bukvic among the top 50 most influential leaders in the Islamic economy | Bosna Bank International

Amer Bukvic among the top 50 most influential leaders in the Islamic economy


Amer Bukvić, CEO of Bosna Bank International (BBI), has been selected among the world's 50 most influential leaders in the Islamic economy according to "Islamica 500" for 2018.

Included on the Islamica 500 list are leading figures from the world of industry, finance, science, business, international affairs, law and media. The research team, composed of experts from various fields, analyzes and evaluates the most innovative, creative and most important achievements in the Islamic economy every year and nominates the most deserving individuals on the list of the world's most successful leaders.

The list includes successful businessmen from expected countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia but also businessmen from Great Britain, the United States, France, and even Bosnia and Herzegovina. Director of BBI Bank, Amer Bukvić, has been among these prestigious individuals before as he was among the top 500 last year. This year, he finds himself among the top 50 most successful individuals in the Islamic economy.

Bukvić received his education in Malaysia, Japan and England at IIUM, IUJ, LBS (London Business School) and at the University of Oxford. He has been the head of BBI Bank since 2006 which has been ranked among the fastest growing banks in BiH in the past consecutive years. He is the organizer of the Sarajevo Business Forum, an international investment conference with global recognition and has also been recognized and awarded several times internationally as well as in his native BiH for contributing to the improvement of the Islamic economy. 

In November 2017, analytical house 'Cambridge IF Analytica' from Great Britain chose Amer Bukvić as the best transformational leader in Islamic banking, and named BBI Bank as the "Most Successful Islamic Bank in Europe." 

Among other awards, the Director of BBI Bank has won the "Jewels of the Muslim World Award” in 2015 for the promotion of Islamic finance and economics.

In 2014, Amer Bukvic was also named best entrepreneur and leader in the world in Saudi Arabia. He was chosen out of a competitive group of 600 entrepreneurs from 42 different countries.