BBI Bank is taking an active role on the Conference organized by British magazine "The Economist" | Bosna Bank International

BBI Bank is taking an active role on the Conference organized by British magazine "The Economist"


Money really never sleeps and that is why the title of the panel "MONEY NEVER SLEEPS: New Opportunities and Challenges for the Economies of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the SEE Region" is quite justified, within the conference "The Economist: The World in 2022". Representatives of the financial sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina shall here discuss and try to point out new opportunities for BiH economy. The idea of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an attractive "nearshoring" destination is an opportunity for the development of BiH economy recognized at BBI Bank.

On that occasion, Nedžad Gušić, MBA, Member of the Management Board of Bosna Bank International d.d. Sarajevo said:
"I will be very pleased to participate on behalf of BBI Bank in the conference organized by the specialized edition of the British The Economist for BiH. It will be a great opportunity to discuss the economic environment and the challenges BH’s and the region's economy are facing after the pandemic. Having in mind the potential of BH as an attractive "nearshoring" destination for companies from the European Union, BBI Bank, together with domestic businessmen, recognizes nearshoring as an approach that can positively change the economic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the next five years. Entrepreneurs, educated workforce, natural resources, access to finance as well as geographical proximity to large markets make BH attractive enough to be a reliable partner to more economically developed countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK and others) that should consider reallocation of its production facilities from other countries to BH.

By transferring production to BH, companies from the European Union, in addition to the previously mentioned benefits, can reduce the risk of re-disruption in supply chains to a minimum. It is here that BBI Bank, in consultation with its clients and businessmen, recognizes the chance for the development of BH economy. This concept and platform of economic development of BH and the region, in cooperation with domestic and regional businessmen, foreign investors and international partners, under the traditional slogan "One region - one economy", will be the backbone of the 11th  Sarajevo Business Forum, scheduled for May 2022.

We believe that the potential of "nearshoring" is closely and directly related to increasing foreign direct investment (FDI), increasing investment in the public sector, which would increase employment and ultimately stop the negative trend all countries in the region have been facing, and that is emigration of young, educated and working population "