Hoteliers and the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton expressed strong support for the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum | Bosna Bank International

Hoteliers and the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton expressed strong support for the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum


Preparations for the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum have started!

Representatives of the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton as well directors of Swissotel Sarajevo, Hotel Europe Group, Hotel Hills Thermal & Spa Resort, Courtyard by Marriott and Pino Nature Hotel have expressed strong support for the organisation of the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF), which will take place in May next year. This was a conclusion after a meeting held with the management of BBI Bank - which is the organiser of SBF.

"As part of the preparations for the 11th SBF 2022, we held a meeting with leading hoteliers from the Sarajevo Canton and our businessmen from the tourism industry. The aim of meeting was to harmonise the SBF program with their expectations and potentials in B&H economy. Today we had the opportunity to exchange thoughts on the growth and development potentials of the hotel industry, event management and other disciplines of tourism. We defined priority measures and guidelines that will guide us during the investment conference Sarajevo Business Forum 2022. We have heard interesting opinions and ideas for the development of the tourism sector and BBI Bank is ready to support hoteliers in their development projects. The conclusion of today's meeting is that SBF is the best initiative for presenting B&H and its capital as a canter for investments, development and cooperation," said after the meeting, Mr. Nedzad Gusic, a member of the Management Board of BBI Bank.

Bosna Bank International announced the organisation of the 11th SBF in May next year. The conference was initially organised in 2010 and it's positioned as one of the most important business and investment events for Southeast Europe.

"In previous years the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton provided a strong support to the organisation of the Sarajevo Business Forum. We expect that this cooperation will be continued at the 11th SBF. Immense investment conferences, such as the SBF, are always a great opportunity to promote the country in which they are organised, as well render a strong support for the development of the tourism sector and the economy generally, "says Ms. Dzenana Becirevic from the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton.

Mr. Senad Halilovic, president of the Association of Tourist Businessmen in BiH and director of the Hollywood and Hills hotels, has conveyed a similar opinion.

"The very fact that the Sarajevo Business Forum has continuity for many years shows outstanding characteristics about the quality of this event. There are a lot of positive effects that SBF has on the BiH economy. During the SBF, all hotel capacities in the city are filled and the demand for the tourist offer in our country is generally growing, "said Mr. Halilovic.

Ms. Aida Terzic, director of Relax Tours and Hotel Pino Nature, emphasised that she had participated in the Sarajevo Business Forum in previous years and had only positive experiences.

"Such events send a positive image to the world about the potentials and prospects of B&H and Sarajevo, not only as a tourist interesting destinations, but also as a remarkable spot for investments." During the SBF, the demand for hotel accommodation in Sarajevo was significantly increasing, and therefore the demand for another 67 industries was growing. We are looking forward to May and the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum,” says Ms. Terzic.

"BBI Bank, as a leader in attracting investments to our country, will be organising in near future thematic sessions like this one with leading companies from specific industries in order to gain better insight into the needs of the market and B&H economy", concludes Mr. Gusic.