Investment projects from Sarajevo and Goražde to be presented and promoted at the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum | Bosna Bank International

Investment projects from Sarajevo and Goražde to be presented and promoted at the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum


Ministry of Economy of Canton Sarajevo and Bosna Bank International will facilitate the promotion of 120 companies from Canton Sarajevo and Bosnia-Podrinje Canton

Ministry of Economy of Sarajevo Canton, Strategic Partner of the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum, will support municipalities from Sarajevo Canton and Bosnia-Podrinje Canton to prepare, present and promote their investment projects and business opportunities at this year's Sarajevo Business Forum. 120 companies from these two cantons will be given an opportunity to meet with potential partners and investors, courtesy of the Ministry of economy.

“In cooperation with BBI Bank, we have organized a meeting with representatives of the Bosnia-Podrinje Canton, representatives of the city of Goražde and local municipalities from the Sarajevo Canton apropos preparation and organization of projects that we will jointly promote at the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum 2022. Ministry of Economy, as a Strategic Partner of the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum, will provide local governments and representatives of the Bosnia-Podrinje Canton and the city of Goražde an opportunity to prepare projects for domestic and foreign investors.” said Adnan Delić, Minister of Economy in the Canton Sarajevo Government.

The topic of this year's Sarajevo Business Forum is “Nearshoring – a perspective for the region”. Focus will be turned to manufacturing sectors such as metal, wood, textile, food and energy. However, projects can be submitted by other industries too such as IT, tourism and other industries.

“Developed countries such as Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also other European countries, have established their business and production capacities in distant countries. For many years, we discussed the transfer of production to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has not been possible so far. Currently, economic trends are changing the way of doing business and there is a rising interest in transferring production to closer countries in Europe, such as B&H. Our infrastructure is reliable, we have good technology, which can also be a turning point for our economy.” said Nedžad Gušić, BBI’s Board member.

Representatives of the municipalities that attended this meeting expressed interest in participating with their own projects at this year's conference and expect participation of a large number of businesses that will make use of this opportunity to promote and present projects at the 11th SBF.

The Municipality of Ilijaš has expressed its readiness to submit projects related to public-private partnerships.

“Through participation on the Sarajevo Business Forum we will have an opportunity to explore alternative ways of enhancing businesses, acquiring certain financial resources and new technologies. Ilijaš is well known for metal and wood industry, and the IT sector is also developing.” said the Mayor of Ilijaš Akif Fazlić.

Sarajevo Business Forum will be held on May 11 and 12, 2022 in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Online registration, project applications and nominations for SBF business awards are open and available at: