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Sarajevo Business Forum 2019 presented in Albania 


Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF), the leading investment conference in South East Europe, was presented to Albanian prospects in Tirana. The presentation of SBF, which will be held from 17-19th of April 2019 in Sarajevo, has been organized by Bosna Bank International (BBI) in cooperation with United Bank of Albania (UBA). 

Edina Hasečić, Director of the Corporate Division in BBI bank, said in that the Sarajevo Business Forum brings numerous business opportunities, not only to businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also to neighbouring countries.

"As a leading investment conference in this region, Sarajevo Business Forum attracts a large number of investors every year and represents an excellent platform for presenting entrepreneurs and their ideas and projects. In addition to helping in finding an investor, the goal of BBI Bank is to bring businesses from Bosnia and Herzegovina and connect them, through the Forum with businesses from the region and to help launch new business projects that will ultimately lead to the development of the economy" - Hasečić said. 

Muhamed Prlja, CEO of United Bank of Albania, stressed out the readiness of UBA bank to strengthen business and economic relations between Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and emphasized the important role of the Sarajevo Business Forum in this venture. 

"This was another successful presentation of the Sarajevo Business Forum in Albania. We are pleased to have the presence of business people from several cities and various industries. United Bank of Albania will continue its efforts to contribute to the economic development of Albania, as well as to establish a better connectivity and cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina" - Prlja mentioned. 

Sedat Mahmudaj from the office of the mayor of Kavajë emphasized the similarities between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania, saying that through the SBF platform, both countries can present their economy and projects to potential investors, which can lead to their development. 
"Albania is a small country, yet because of its favourable geographical position, offers many potentials in the form of a large number of resources and economic development options." Mahmudaj concluded.

For registration and more information about the largest business investment conference in the region – the 10th Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF) 2019 – please visit the official website at: