Sarajevo Halal Fair 2019 presented in Croatia | Bosna Bank International

Sarajevo Halal Fair 2019 presented in Croatia


Croatia with Bosnia and Herzegovina leading the halal industry in Southeast Europe

Bosna Bank International (BBI) with Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and IsDB’s Business Forum THIQAH, are once again organizing the largest International halal industry event in Southeast Europe – the Sarajevo Halal Fair (SHF) 2019, to be held in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina from September 26-28th.

Together with the Halal Quality Certification Center in Croatia, SHF 2019 was presented at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) in Zagreb to EU and Croatian companies as well as to media representatives.

"The demand for halal products and services in the world is expanding. SHF 2019 is an opportunity for halal certified producers and service providers to present and promote themselves to distributors and importers worldwide but also to the local Bosnian market that is increasingly looking for products with halal certificate" said Mr. Dino Selimović, Marketing and Communications Director at Bosna Bank International.

Selimović emphasized that the world halal market shows an accelerated growth trend which makes it extremely interesting for all halal producers and halal providers in the SEE region to invest in.

"Many Croatian companies have been halal certified for many years now and have reached out to the customers worldwide. One industry increasingly demanding the halal is the tourism sector. The Zagreb-based Halal Quality Certification Center is a place where Croatian companies can obtain the certificate recognized throughout the world" added Selimovic.

He particularly emphasized the fact that Croatian companies with factories in Bosnia and Herzegovina should look into the Turkish market, following the recent signing of the Trade Agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Turkey, which opens a large market with enormous demand for halal products.

"SHF 2019 is an ideal opportunity for companies from Croatia to promote to the worldwide halal market, which is estimated at 1.5 billion consumers. Our country has already been positioned and promoted as a halal friendly destination, one of the few that has a number of hotels, restaurants and tourist facilities with a recognized halal certificate." emphasized dr. Aldin Dugonjić, Head of the Halal Quality Certification Center in the Republic of Croatia.

Companies can organize business meetings and attend expert lectures at Sarajevo Halal Fair 2019, with special attention to be paid to food and beverages products, tourism, finance and investments, medical and healthcare, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, as well as design, fashion, art and creative industries.

Interest in the Sarajevo Halal Fair 2019 was expressed by some of the largest Croatian companies, such as Kraš, PIK Vrbovec, Pan Pek, Toplice St. Martin, Frank, Gavrilovic, Narakas, Gec, Podravka, Vindija and many others. The largest halal-industry event in Southeast Europe will be held from 26 to 28 September 2019 at Skenderija Centar in Sarajevo, with over 100 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors expected. All details on the event are available online from the website.