World Bankers Meeting at Sarajevo Halal Fair 2019 | Bosna Bank International

World Bankers Meeting at Sarajevo Halal Fair 2019


On the initiative of Bosna Bank International and Islamic Private Sector Development Corporation (ICD)

Bosna Bank International (BBI) in cooperation with the Islamic Private Sector Development Corporation (ICD) which operates at the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) will organize a great meeting of bank executives of banks which operate in accordance to Islamic principles, for the first time in Sarajevo, at the event Sarajevo Halal Fair 2019, with the intention of holding this event every year in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The organization of the largest halal fair in Southeastern Europe will be one of the topics of a special roundtable called "International Platform for Cooperation of Islamic Financial Institutions" which will be held on 27th and 28th September 2019,  in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Sarajevo Halal Fair. ICD is a multilateral development financial institution established in 1999, to support the economic development of Member States by offering fundings for private sector projects, promoting competitiveness and entrepreneurship. They also provide advisory services to governments and private companies and encourage cross-border investments. ICD has recognized capital of US $ 4 billion. The shareholders of ICD are IsDB, 54 islamic countries and 5 public financial institutions.

The Director of ICD, Ayman Sejiny, will participate in this roundtable, and apart from BBI Bank representatives, directors and representatives of Tamweel Africa Holding (TAH), Wifak International Bank of Tunisia, Al Akhdar Bank SA Morocco, Islamic Bank “Zaman-Bank” of Kazakhstan, Islamic Bank of Niger, Islamic Bank of Guinea, Islamic Bank of Mauritania, as many others have confirmed their participation. The arrival at SHF 2019 and participation in the roundtable was also confirmed by Datuk Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Malaysia (Shariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission Malaysia), Member of the Advisory Board of the Central Bank of Malaysia (Shariah Advisory Council of BNM) and member of the Shariah boards of the Dow Jones Islamic Market Index (New York), Noor Islamic Bank (Dubai), National Bank of Oman, Bank of London and Middle East (London) and Islamic Bank of Asia in Singapore.

The round table will especially present the business results of BBI Bank, as a successful example of the work and activities of banks operating on the principles of Islamic banking, and will also discuss joint activities towards cooperation between the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the economies of guest countries, and also the promotion of Sarajevo Halal Fair and the Sarajevo Business Forum in Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Niger, Mauritania, Guinea and other countries where IsDB and ICD are located.