Sarajevo Halal Fair 2019 Starts Tomorrow: Sarajevo again this year is the world's center of halal economy | Bosna Bank International

Sarajevo Halal Fair 2019 Starts Tomorrow: Sarajevo again this year is the world's center of halal economy


During the three days of Sarajevo Halal Fair (SHF) 2019, for participants and visitors of SHF 2019 will be organized a rich program, during which they will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the global trends of the halal industry, to hear speaches of some of the world's most famous halal and islamic finance experts, and will enable meetings of regional halal manufacturers and halal service providers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia and Albania with major buyers and distributors from the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Malaysia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, China, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia. The most represented exhibitors are from the food and beverage industry, then tourism, as well as financial institutions, as well as representatives of state agencies, chambers of commerce and business associations.

At the 2019 SHF will be presented 108 exhibitors from 36 countries.

SHF 2019 will be held at the Skenderija Center in Sarajevo from 26th to 28th September, this year, organized by Bosna Bank International, Islamic Development Bank Group (IsDB) and IsDB Group Business Forum THIQAH, with the support of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Halal Quality Certification Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Association of Halal Industries operating within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year's event is sponsored by Presidency Member of Bosnia and Herzegovina Šefik Džaferović.

This year, SHF 2019 will start on Wednesday evening, September 25th 2019, with a dinner of welcome for participants and guests of the fair. The welcome dinner is hosted by Abdulah Skaka, Mayor of Sarajevo and Amer Bukvic, CEO of Bosna Bank International.

The opening ceremony will be held on the first day of SHF 2019 and will be addressed by Amer Bukvić, CEO of BBI Bank, Yab Tun dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia who will address the gathering via video link, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasutiion Ismail, Minister of Internal Affairs of Malaysia, Ayman Amin Sejiny, Executive Director of Islamic Corporation for Private Sector Development (ICD) at the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), Israfil Kuralay , Deputy President of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), Edin Forto, Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton, Husein ef. Smajić, Deputy Reisu-l-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Šefik Džaferović, Presidency member of Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the first day of SHF 2019, participants will have the opportunity to attend the panel "Southeast Asia - Halal Prospects and Opportunities for the Region of Southeast Europe", within which panelists will discuss the opportunities for presence and placement of halal products manufacturers and halal service providers from our region in the world's largest halal market. The round table of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Malaysian businessmen will also be held at the first day of SHF 2019, with special attention to Halal Vision 2020 - a vision where the halal industry and its growth and development takes a special place. Saifuddin Nasutiion Ismail, Minister of the Interior of Malaysia, will have the keynote address at this roundtable.

On the first day of SHF 2019, the visitors will be presented with the book “Halal – standard po mjeri čovjeka” (Halal – the standard made for man kind), authored by Dr. Aldin Dugonjić, Head of the Halal Quality Certification Center in Zagreb. On the second day of SHF 2019, on Friday, September 27th, 2019, there will be a great meeting of the directors of banks operating in accordance with Islamic principles called "International Platform for Cooperation of Islamic Financial Institutions".

A panel discussion on the development of the halal market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Saudi Arabia will gather Bosnian, regional and Saudi business people, to discuss the possibilities of cooperation in the field of halal. Saudi businessmen are interested in establishing cooperation in the field of halal-tourism and halal-food, and through the BBI VIP Business Club operating within Bosna Bank International (BBI) during the fair business B2B meetings will be organized to connect Bosnian, regional and Saudi Arabian businessmen.

The Info Days of the Halal Industry Association of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Chamber of Commerce will be dedicated to the topic „Bosnia and Herzegovina -Turkey Free Trade Agreement: Opportunities, Possibilities and Challenges“. The third day of SHF 2019, on Saturday, September 28th 2019, will begin with the SHF 2019 awards to the most successful participants. The central event of the third day of SHF 2019 is the "Transformers Roadshow" innovation competition organized by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), which was organized for the first time in our region this year. Competitors will be welcomed by, among others, Šefik Džaferović, a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The winners of the Transformers Roadshow will be announced on the same day, and the top three projects will be awarded $3,000 each and will be able to present their projects at the Senegal World Competition.

During the three days of SHF 2019, visitors will be able to enjoy the culinary delights of Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and Bosnian cuisine prepared in accordance with halal standard principles. The price of tickets for visitors is 2 KM, and the entire income from the tickets sold will be donated by BBI to SOS children's villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina.