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Turkish Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş confirmed his arrival to Sarajevo Business Forum


The Turkish Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş has confirmed his arrival to the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum 2022. His excellency Mehmet Muş will be one of the main speakers in the keynote session on the first day of the Forum which will be held in the National Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Mehmet Muş studied at prestigious universities in Turkey and the United States. In his rich career, he held important positions. He was a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Committee on Planning and Budget and the Committee on EU Harmonization at GANT. Muş was also a member of the Turkish delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and was appointed Minister of Trade of Turkey on April 21, 2021. During his tenure, Turkey achieved record exports to that country.

The arrival at the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum was also announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), led by President Šekib Avdagić. Participation in the SBF was also confirmed by the Committee on International Economic Relations of the Republic of Turkey (DEIK). Leading people from the Union of Turkish Participating Banks (TKBB) will also take a significant part in the 11th SBF. The Turkish delegation, which includes the minister, leaders of institutional investors, directors of financial institutions and chambers of commerce and presidents of companies from various industrial fields, numbers almost 100 people. The global communication partner of the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum 2022 is AA - Anadolu Agency and the official airline carrier of the 11th SBF is Turkish Airlines.

The Republic of Turkey, with its institutions, chambers of commerce and associations of business people, has been a long-term partner of the Sarajevo Business Forum. We are grateful for this support and continue to work on developing economic cooperation between the two countries. There is great potential for improving these relations, and the Sarajevo Business Forum is an opportunity to be in direct contact with BiH and Turkish businessmen, let's lay the foundations for future cooperation,” said Nedžad Gušić, member of the Management Board of Bosna Bank International. 

The topic of this year's Sarajevo Business Forum is "Nearshoring - a perspective for the region", and the potentials and possibilities of relocating the production of European countries to the countries of Southeast Europe will be discussed. The panel session will be held on the first day of the conference on May 11 in the BiH Parliament in the presence of business and political leaders from the region and the world, while the second day on May 12 will be reserved for business meetings to connect regional and domestic projects with business partners and investors all over the world.