USAID Turizam and BBI Bank are organizing a special panel dedicated to tourism | Bosna Bank International

USAID Turizam and BBI Bank are organizing a special panel dedicated to tourism


11th SBF will promote Bosnia and Herzegovina as a global tourist destination 

Bosna Bank International (BBI) and USAID's Developing Sustainable Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Turizam) project have signed a Letter of Intent aimed at promoting tourism potentials of BiH. With this letter, it was agreed that at the 11th Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF), the leading investment conference in Southeast Europe, BBI Bank and USAID Turizam will organize a special panel dedicated exclusively to the tourism industry.

The intention of this panel, which will be attended by key decision makers from the public sector, as well as prominent global and domestic experts in the tourism industry, is to emphasize the importance of tourism as a strategic industry for economic and social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In addition, it is planned to present tourism projects from BiH within the panel. Economic experts from BBI Bank, as well as tourism experts from USAID's Developing Sustainable Tourism Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina project, will assist project owners in preparing and presenting potential projects to investors.

The Letter of Intent was signed by Nedžad Gušić, BBI Bank Management Board member, and Ibrahim Osta, USAID Developing Sustainable Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina Chief of Party. 


USAID Developing Sustainable Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Turizam)

USAID Turizam is a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) aiming to develop the competitiveness of the tourism industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project supports the efforts of the entire country to develop the tourism sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina and strengthen the country's competitiveness as a tourist destination. The project collaborates closely with ministries, government, non-governmental, and private organizations to promote Bosnia and Herzegovina as a tourist destination. USAID Turizam aims to create a dynamic and sustainable private tourism sector in line with the country's hospitality culture and recognizable natural resources. The project seeks to increase local capacity, improve quality, increase interest in the tourism sector, develop the tourism offer, improve tourism marketing promotion and expand the list of natural areas that are formally classified as protected. 

Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF)

Bosna Bank International (BBI), in cooperation with its shareholders (Islamic Development Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) and other international partners, is the organizer of the annual International Conference on Business and Investment - Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF). 

The conference was originally organized in 2010 and has been held every year since then (except for 2020 and 2021, when it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic). The conference is positioned as one of the most important business and investment events in Southeast Europe. SBF connects institutional and private investors and business people from all over the world with businessmen and project owners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. It is a platform for business networking, investment research, and business opportunities in the region of Southeast Europe aiming to stimulate economic development.