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BBI Business MasterCard

MasterCard Business debit card is used for performance of payment and cash transactions to a payment/disbursement network with MasterCard sign, including contactless transactions and online payments up to the amount of available funds on the account.

Benefits of BBI Business MasterCard debit card:

  • The ability to open a special-purpose account for the card
  • Card holder is employee of the company and authorized for card utilization
  • Access to company's funds at any moment and at any location
  • Integrated contactless pay pass technology enables faster payment on POS devices
  • Utilisation in BiH and abroad
  • Cash withdrawal on ATMs worldwide with MasterCard logo (cash withdrawal on BBI ATMs free of charge)
  • Access to funds on account 24 hours a day
  • Possible card issuance to a larger number of company employees
  • Possibility of online payment of goods and services

Service prices are defined with valid Tariff of fees for corporate clients of the Bank. The Bank will hold the right to change the Tariff for risk or complex transactions.

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MasterCard Business debit card


Direct utilisation of available funds from your transaction account

Utilisation right

Corporate clients with open transaction account


Cash withdrawal on BBI ATMs free of charge

Possibility of opening a special-purpose account for the card

Payment on all sales locations worldwide with MasterCard logo

Number of card holders


Limit for cash withdrawal
(per transaction)

1900 BAM per transaction

Annual fee

Free of charge


Application Form for the issuance of BBI Business MasterCard

For the issuance of MasterCard Business debit card, you should have open transaction account in BBI Bank and submit completed Application Form to the nearest Branch of BBI Bank. Application Form is created in a way that it can be completed electronically.


Application Form for the issuance of BBI Business MasterCard