Al Maktoum | Bosna Bank International

The goal of this line is employment and sustainable return of self-employed agricultural manufacturers. Line beneficiaries are self-employed agricultural manufacturers.

  • Fund amount USD 300,000.00
  • Project area: the middle Podrinje
  • Disbursed amount: BAM 1.1 million, over 100 beneficiaries.
  • Amount in BAM 15,000.00
  • Profit rate: 0%
  • Fee for Application Form processing (BAM 100 or BAM 150)
  • Financing period: 7 years

Financing purposes:

  • Construction and reconstruction of barns and facilities for cattle breeding, poultry holding and meat, milk and eggs production
  • Construction of other facilities pertaining to agricultural activity, providing equipment with necessary machines and devices (coolers, generators, mini power plants and etc.)
  • Procurement of devices and necessary farming equipment (cages, nests, feeders and a watering place, cleaning devices, devices for the maintenance of optimal temperature and etc.)
  • Purchase of the primary cattle/flock for the production
  • Purchase of agricultural machines and equipment
  • Purchase of agricultural tools
  • Purchase and construction of glasshouses and greenhouses
  • Purchase of vegetable and fruit seeds and perennial plantations
  • Financing of service activities in the area of cattle breeding and herbal cultures (e.g. herbal pharmacies and etc.)
  • Financing of fish breeding
  • Other procurements pertaining to agricultural activity
  • Other procurements contributing to self-employment.