Deposits | Bosna Bank International


Types of deposits:

1. Demand deposit (A'vista deposits) and
2. Term deposits:

  • Short-term – up to 12 months
  • Long-term – exceeding 12 months

Bosna Bank International is offering a service of depositing corporate term deposits with: 


Deposit safety

Competitive and flexible depositing conditions


Possibility of long-term and short-term depositing


Monthly accrual and profit disbursement 


Deposit adjustment to the client's needs and abilities 


Incentive conditions for long-term depositing


The Bank is ready to accept your request for partial deposit disbursement or Contract cancellation prior to term deposit expiry period.

In case of depositing larger amounts with a safe term-deposit period in the Bank, profit rate will be regulated with individual contract with depositor. Thereby, profit rate cannot exceed the rate for regular depositors.