Guarantees | Bosna Bank International

Bosna Bank International d.d. is issuing the following types of banking guarantees in the country and abroad, upon request of their clients:

  • payable guarantees
  • advance payment guarantees
  • tender guarantees
  • performance guarantees
  • quality guarantees
  • retention guarantees
  • customs guarantees

Every corporate client with the need for a banking guarantee can apply for the guarantee issuance at BBI Bank. If you already have established business relation with the BBI Bank, you can submit the Application Form for the guarantee approval to Account Manager of your company in the Bank. If you have no established business relation with the BBI Bank, you can submit the Application Form to the Bank’s Registry Office or by Fax to number 033 203 122.

We recommend to use the  General Application Form  for the Guarantee Approval that you can find on this web page, in order to decrease the possibility of error and reduce the guarantee approval process.

Other necessary documentation that should be enclosed with the Application Form includes:

•  Guarantee Application Form
•  Official financial reports for the previous three accrual periods   
•  Data on the company (founders, management, number of employees, activities, industry branch, company’s market position, competition)
•   Review of balance from the previous month on the BBI Application Form
•   Consent for inspection at the Central Loan Register
•   Certificate from Tax Administration that there are no outstanding liabilities (not older than three months)
• Certificate from Indirect Tax Authority that there are no due outstanding liabilities based on indirect taxes.
•   Excerpt from the Court Register (not older than three months)
•   Notice from authorised Statistics Bureau on the subject classification by activities;
•   ID number of the company
•   Copy ID cards and Residence Certificate of persons authorized for representation
•   Statement on related entities
•   Report of the External Auditor (only for joint stock companies),
•   Other documents upon the Bank’s request depending on the type of guarantee (tender documents, contract and etc.)


For clients with Framework Agreement, issuance is performed on the same working day once the order and supporting documentation was submitted.


  • Commission is calculated and collected in advance, on a quarterly basis
  • The client shall bear confirmation expenses

The Bank shall receive all types of guarantees from other banks in favour of its own clients (loro guarantees).

Service price are defined with the valid Tariff of Fees for Corporate Clients. The Bank shall retain the right to change the Tariff for risky or more complex transactions.