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m-Banking (mBBI)

mBBI is a great way to access and manage your company's accounts when you're on the move in a safe and secure manner. Regardless of your location, mBBI mobile application will enable you to keep up with your company's finances, to check account balances and make payments.

Benefits of mBBI mobile banking for corporate clients:

- No service activation fee

- Fast and safe mBBI mobile application

- Use of payment transaction services in a fast and simple manner

- Access company's accounts 24/7 regardless of your location

- Significantly lower payment transaction fees

- User-friendly application

Any corporate client can become a mBBI service beneficiary with open transaction account in BBI Bank. For mBBI service activation, you need to submit Application Form for the use of mobile banking in order to receive the activation key.

Download application

- GooglePlay (Android)
- AppStore (iOS)


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