Management | Bosna Bank International



Alek Bakalović

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jasmina Dobrača

Member of the Management Board

Azra Hadžiomeragić

Member of the Management Board

Ibro Osmanović

Member of the Management Board

Hrvoje Lovrić

Member of the Management Board

Senior Management


Salih Purišević

Secretary General of the Bank

Elma Spahović

Chief Interal Auditor

Selma Pobrić

Head of Compliance Department

Aida Mezit

Director of Risk Control Division

Aldina Alkić

Director of Credit Risk Exposure Monitoring and Analysis Division

Nermin Oprašić

Director of the Segment for Large Corporate Clients

Suvad Hodžić

Director of the Segment for Medium Corporate Clients

Haris Kovačević

Director of the Treasury and Financial Institutions Division

Aldina Bibović

Director of the IT Division

Edin Buljina

Director of the Retail Sales Segment

Mirza Hrustanović

Director of SME Segment

Ajdin Palić

Director of Digital, CRM and Contact Center  

Nezir Karaibrahimović

Director of the Legal Division

Dino Ibrahimović

Director of the Collection Division

Amra Babić

Director of Marketing and Communications

Sanela Mrgan-Balić

Director of HR Division

Anida Đidelija

Head of Product Development and Sales Support