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New BBI service available to beneficiaries of electronic (eBBI) and mobile banking (mBBI). Easier, simpler and faster! Pay your utilities with just one click!

What is eRežija service?

  • eRežija service provides the beneficiary of electronic (eBBI) and mobile (mBBI) banking to receive a completed order for payment of monthly bills with just one click.
  • By contracting the eRežija service, the beneficiary or the Bank is not obliged to pay the order, indicating that you can pay bill received through eUtility service or not.
  • The beneficiary can agree eRežija service also for bills not assigned to its name (e.g. for bills assigned to other family member).

Benefits of eRežija service:

  • Submission of completed payment slip for the bill payment (faster, better, safer and simpler)
  • The client itself chooses the moment of payment
  • Fees for payment using electronic services are up to 70% lower for payment in comparison to fees at the Bank's Teller Unit
  • eRežija service offers the client the ability of payment 24 hours a day, from any location
  • With the use of eRežija service, the client is not limited only to payment of its personal bills
  • User-friendly

eRežija operating mode:

  • The beneficiary of electronic services shall activate the service based on its code/reference, indicated on the standard utility bill
  • The Bank shall forward received codes from the beneficiary to the Bill Issuer on a monthly level (or within some other period)
  • The Bank shall present received electronic bill to the end-user in the form of eRežija through eBBI and mBBI
  • Beneficiaries shall verify completed orders and approve payment to the Bill Issuer

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Electric Utility Company BiH (Elektroprivreda BiH)

Electric Utility Company BiH and BBI Bank can help you to save your time and money.

  • Beneficiaries of e-Režija service with approved e-Račun shall pay bills of Electric Utility Company BH free of charge until 30.09.2018
  • The Bank's clients, who are also beneficiaries of electronic services (mBBI) and (eBBI), can arrange this service
  • eRežija service can be arranged for all electric utility payers with open account in BBI Bank.

All interested beneficiaries who still receive their paper bills and who want to receive bills in electronic form in order to pay them through BBI electronic services free of charge during the aforementioned campaign, can download the Application Form through the link, and submit a completed, signed and scanned statement to e-mail of the relevant EP BiH Branch:


BH Telecom  

BH Telecom and BBI Bank enabled their mutual beneficiaries the service to receive and pay telecommunication service bills through mobile (mBBI) and electronic banking (eBBI).

The following beneficiaries can arrange the eRežija service:

  • All beneficiaries of "bht e-račun" service of BH Telecom who are the Bank's clients and who have open account in BBI Bank
  • Clients who are also beneficiaries of electronic services (mBBI) and (eBBI)