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About the Application

KVIKO presents a new service for cash sending and withdrawal without using your card.

This service provides additional benefit to the Bank's clients and in order to use this service, clients only need to use a mobile phone with Internet access and open current account in the Bank.

  • Service activation within one of BBI packages is free of charge
  • One-time fee in the amount of 5.00 BAM if service activation is not included in one of BBI packages
  • Fixed fee per transaction in the amount of 0.30 BAM
  • Maximum amount of transaction during one day (within 24 hours) is 300.00 BAM
  • Maximum number of transactions within one day (within 24 hours) is limited to 3 (three) transactions that have not expired or have been cancelled, that is, transactions that have been successfully implemented

In order to become a KVIKO Application Beneficiary, you need to approach our nearest Branch/Office and sign the Application Form.

Download documentation:

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How it works?

KVIKO is a mobile payment application enabling banks' beneficiaries to have a card-free cash withdrawal on ATMs.

KVIKO Application functions in a very simple manner. The sender, who should have open current account in BBI Bank or ASA Bank, should install KVIKO app on its phone. By using this application, you can select the amount of funds that should be sent to recipient in a few steps, generating a unique code. Generated code is sent to the cash recipient using SMS or any other communication channel (Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook). The recipient shall enter the code on the ATM keyboard and withdraw cash determined by the sender.

Using this code, you don't need to have a card or account in the bank in order to withdraw cash from the ATM. You should only enter the code you received at the ATM and take over the amount sent by the code sender. Moreover, you don't need to have open account in the bank in order to withdraw cash.

Application download

You can download this aApplication from  Play store for users of Android devices and from na App store for users of iOS devices.

In order to use KVIKO application, the user should have Internet access.

Contact Information

In case of any technical issues or difficulties in the application operations, call the following call centre + 387 33 652 888. Call centre Bamcard d.d. Sarajevo is available 24/7 as well as the web site: www.kviko.ba

Or call the free info line of BBI Bank: 0800 200 20