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mBBI - Mobile banking

Mobile banking is the Bank's service enabling beneficiaries to perform business with the Bank using their mobile device 24/7

Available benefits with mBBI:

Available service 24 hours a day
Cashless exchange office - purchase and sale of foreign currencies under unique conditions
Payment in BiH and abroad

Other benefits

  • Simple activation and use
  • A safe and quick access with complete control of your own finances
  • Transfer of funds between personal accounts
  • Regardless of your location, in the country or abroad
  • Review of locations of BBI Bank's Branches
  • Review of locations of all ATMs from the BH ATM Network

Download application

- GooglePlay (Android)
- AppStore (iOS)

Information and characteristics

  • Review of accounts' balance (current account, demand account, deposits, financings, cards)
  • Review of due financial liabilities with the possibility of payment and creation of reminders in the mobile calendar
  • Transfer of funds between personal accounts
  • Payment within the Bank and payment to another bank
  • Payment transactions with foreign countries
  • Cashless exchange office - purchase and sale of foreign currencies
  • Calculator - simulation for calculation of financing and depositing conditions
  • Locator for the Bank's Branches and branches of other banks
  • Locator for the Bank's ATMs and ATMs of other banks

Video Instruction for the Application use:

Check balance and follow changes on your account. There is no need to go to the ATM. With mBBI, you can check balance and follows changes on your account using your mobile device.

Pay all utilities in a fast, safe and simple manner. Forget about waiting in cues. Enjoy your coffee or tea and make the payment with fees lower up to 70%. Save with mBBI!

You have foreign-currency account in EUR (USD, CHF, SEK....) and you want to make conversion to BAM or vice versa? Make a conversion using mBBI service with reduced expenses!

Use a template for a fast and simple payment. Create the template of your bill for a faster and more efficient payment in the following month.

Download documentation

Download application