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Agricultural financing

Financing intended for the purchase of agricultural land, construction and refurbishment of all types of facilities for agricultural purposes, all types of agricultural mechanization, agricultural tools and other equipment, including fruit and vegetable seeds and plants.  

Available benefits:

Up to 300,000.00 BAM without mortgage
Repayment period up to 10 years

Apply online in less than 1 minute!

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Information and characteristics

Intended for financing of:

  • Purchase of agricultural land
  • Construction and refurbishment of all types of facilities for agricultural purposes
  • Purchase of all types of agricultural mechanization, agricultural tools and other equipment, fruit and vegetable seeds and plants and etc.

Necessary documents

  • Application Form for financing completed and signed by the main debtor/co-debtor/guarantor and certified by the employer;
  • Copy of ID Card for the main debtor/co-debtor/guarantor;
  • Copy of Residence Certificate (CIPS) for the main debtor/co-debtor/guarantor;
  • Evidence on the income of the main debtor/co-debtor/guarantor - three final pay slips/pension payment or three final monthly statements by current account;
  • Certified copy of GIP 1022 Form from the employer (except for employees of budget institutions, public companies and other organization forms financed from the BiH budget, as well as employees of companies registered in the Republika Srpska);
  • Certified copy of the Decision from the relevant administration body for the main debtor/co-debtor/guarantor in case of a self-employed person;
  • Copy of the Employment Contract of the main debtor/co-debtor/guarantor in case of employees of international organizations;
  • Ownership document/Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Contract on the sale of products assigned to the Bank
  • Land Registry Certificate proving the land ownership
  • Contract with companies in cases when the company is acting as a guarantor
  • Contract with subcontractors, if they exist
  • Documentation proving the purpose of financing (Contract/Precontract on Purchase)

For financings secured by mortgage:

  • Appraisal from Certified Court Expert from the BBI list, not older than 6 months;
  • The original Land Registry Certificate for the real estate (not older than one month);
  • The real estate insurance policy from the following risks: fire, flood, earthquakes and gas explosion, contracted to the period of financing duration, secured in favour of BBI Bank;
  • Mortgage Contract prepared by the Notary.


  • Document on foreclosure for the financing beneficiary and other participants providing a personal guarantee for the settlement of financing liabilities
  • Personal bills of exchange with indication without a protest
  • Co-debtors/guarantors
  • Mortgage

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*This Calculator is intended only for obtaining quick and basic information and it is not binding. For any additional information concerning the approval of specific financing, please contact officers of the BBI Bank.

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