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BBI Scholarships: The Sheikh Saleh Kamel Fund

Bosna Bank International, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Rectorate of Sarajevo University, the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the NGO Fatma, annually awards 500 scholarships from the Sheikh Saleh Kamel Fund with a total value of USD 600.000.

The Fund was established through a joint initiative by BBI Bank and the philanthropist Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel, founder and Chairman of the AlBaraka Banking Group. Students receive scholarships of USD 100 for a period of 12 months.

Scholarships are given to students in elementary schools, high schools and college. Awardees must be citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who have lost one or both parents. Scholarship criteria also includes grades, academic achievements, total family income, and social status .

An announcement for scholarship applications is published five times each year in the following regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Northwestern BiH, Northern BiH, Central BiH, Southwestern BiH and the Central/Eastern region of BiH.